Entry Regulations

Entry Regulations

- Visa applications should be routed through the Bhutan Travel Bureau (BTB).

- Please send completed visa application form of each client along with a passport size photograph by fax or post.

- If you do not have the visa form, send us the passport particulars (Name, Passport Number, Date of Issue, Place of Issue, Occupation, Nationality, Date of Birth and Home Address along with Passport Size Photographs.

- We will apply for the Bhutan visa through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thimphu and upon approval, we will send you the visa clearance number which will also be intimated to all Druk Air Station Managers because without a visa clearance number, you would not be permitted to board Druk Air.

- The visa will be given to you at Paro Airport @ US$ 20 per head.

- Tourist visa is granted for 2 weeks and if required, it would be extended upon receipt of visa extension fee @ US$ 15 only.

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